Vitamins For Skin Health

Vitamins For Skin Health

I want to just share with you a few of the amazing things that vitamins can do for you and your health, check it out:
  1. Vitamin A – This vitamin fights wrinkles and age spots like a champ. Look for night creams that contain vitamin A (also known as retinoids) and slather on before bed.

2.  Vitamin B3 – Excellent for fighting redness and hydration. You can find vitamin B3 (sometimes known as niacinamide) in serums, lotions and a variety of creams. Apply before bed along with your vitamin A.

3.  Vitamin E – The best solution for adding moisture. Look for this in sunscreen and load up, every day.

4.  Vitamin C – Yes! Vitamin C for skin is great for anti-aging and clearing up spots. Look for serums or creams with 5% or higher concentration of vitamin C. Apply this one in the morning – before your sunscreen.

5. Vitamin K – This vitamin fights dark circles like nobody’s business (trust me you want this one in your arsenal) and can be found in eye creams that also have retinol. Use this nightly.

The world of vitamins is huge, confusing yet amazing and is a vital necessity for good health and maintaining a top notch lifestyle.

I will be bringing you a lot more information so come back and visit again.


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