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I am so happy you found my website! I am all about  personal growth, self development, personal development,  self awareness, success, positivity, mindfulness, obtaining goals, achieving success. 

 Whatever you want to call it. Realizing that improvements are needed for yourself to experience a complete self fulfillment and a higher quality of life – is a must!

I am on a mission to help anyone and everyone to gain more awareness of life! I want to help you excel in your consciousness, to enlighten your mind. To challenge yourself  and achieve your true desires.   It comes down to: how does one achieve goals and dreams

If you don’t challenge yourself,

you are not evolving, you are just repeating the past.


What I am giving to my readers, is for the thousands, and (growing into millions) of people who hunger for a better reality. You need to realize that there is a better life waiting out there. And guess what…. you found a fantastic starting point right here to reach your dreams.

 Did you know that the majority of individuals never take the time, nor do they know how to achieve or even find ways to reach a glorious personal destination.


I say this because so many individuals live in the past, they keep rehashing past events,  everyday they fill their minds with issues from the past, they are literally living in the past. 

Then there are the individuals that only dream about the future.  Wishing something would happen for them. Wishing, wishing…..getting nowhere


Don’t ever allow anyone to fill your mind with negativity.



For me it all started with a simple realization that hit me in the head. I was going through a bad situation in my marriage and not knowing where to turn. Yet that mind opener  showed me that I was basically just going thru a daily routine day after day.  My sad, boring life was telling me that if I wanted something to occur, if I wanted a more rewarding life then it was up to me to go after it. 


Yes, I realized a super, wonderful spiritual, wealthy lifestyle was something that I was going to have to develop on my own.  No one was going to do it for me and it certainly was not going to fall from the sky.

I knew I had to find something to energize me, to build my self care, my self awareness.

 Then I got interested in the whole are of self improvement and neuroscience – how the brain works, what is going on within the subconscious mind, mindfulness, self awareness and the ability to rewire the brain.   

I found the importance of staying healthy, keeping my brain sharp, making an awareness of life. Developing my own spirituality and building a wonderful life plan was a commitment I made to myself.  Did you catch that….a commitment to myself!


What you need is the right tools

and a total commitment



For me I found ways to explore and use my creativity and to find ways  to enlighten my awareness and especially to be in “real time”. Not living in the past, but instead living in the “now” and planning for an exciting  future.


So whatever you want to call it, it is possible for you  to make quality life changes… getting the proper know how and with the right tools you can reach your desires to a better life. 

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Give a jolt to your brain with high intensity, interesting reads on topics such as:

self care

anxiety issues

What is Cbd Oil and why you should be taking it.

Relationships and cheating spouses.

Personal development

Staying healthy, losing weight, exercising.



Please feel free to pass along this information to anyone else that is looking for a lifestyle enlightenment. And as always, please leave a comment here or any of my other posts.





I am an affiliate of Amazon and other quality sites that offer top notch self improvement services, information, tips and products. If you make a purchase from any of these sites I may receive a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. My ultimate goal is to provide my readers with quality information to enhance and change your life.  Again, you can find the tools you need right here…so you can get started right away!

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