Cheating Husband, Cheating Spouse


Are you dealing with a cheating husband, (cheating wife) a cheating spouse or attempting to rebuild and work on relationship goals? It certainly is not fun and affects each one of us in different ways.


In today’s society, chances are,  you will have to deal with a spouse that strays, cheats, and commits infidelity in your relationship.  I am dealing with it now, and I am hurt, angry, mad, disgusted and upset.


So I told you in another posting that I found out that I have a cheating husband.  Yes, I found out quite by accident  and I have valid proof of it. Proof of what he is doing, when he is seeing her, and yes, even some conversations he has with her.

Now I have to find a answer for myself of what to do and the issue of continuing with him, or work on redesigning my own life.

My Husband is Cheating


Allow me to continue my story here…..

Cheating Husband, cheater, liar #marriageproblems #marriage

About a month ago I questioned him about it and he flat out denied everything,  I blew up and told him I know all about it. He had a surprised look on his face.  Later on he told me that it was over, he messed up, he made a mistake, and that he called her and told her it was over.


He asked if we could work on our relationship, because he didn’t want to lose me.  What?  Really? This was obviously more than just a one night (drunken) occurrence. I know he was calling and texting on a daily basis.



You go out and have fun, break your marriage vows  and then when you are caught, you say it is over with her?

I asked him to leave the house. But he wouldn’t.


After all of this came out in the open,  he started telling me that I did not have the right to ask him where he has been, what he is doing, or what his plans are.  But of course he continues to ask me this all of the time.

So I have to say….. What The….? Really?


Of course I knew the next day after my blow up, that he was lying to me constantly. Yes, he was and still is talking with her constantly throughout the day, and seeing her about four times a week.


All of this after his big speech of making a mistake and being “relieved that I am aware of it and that it is over”.


Cheating Husband -Cheating Spouse?

Cheating Husband, Cheating Spouse, Relationship In Trouble
So again I have a major blow up on him and he told me that I had a “vivid imagination” and nothing was going on.

Again, I told him to leave, to get out, (of course I was kind enough to give him a day to get out).But he did not leave. He asked for a week, again gave me a reason, but it did not make much sense.


Yet after that week, he is still here, acting like nothing is going on, just falling back into his daily routine. And yet he denies everything.


Why am I allowing this to go on? At this time I feel that I should not be the one to leave. I did not do anything wrong. After 20 years in the same house, it is just not that easy, and I know…

this is going to be a BIG MESS!!!

 Is your spouse cheating?  You REALLY need to know!!

I am mad and I am hurt, but now I am more in the anger and revenge stage.  I am collecting some quality information and proof of what he is doing. Yes it is all documented, on paper and I do have backups.

Right now I am doing whatever I can for myself, so I am not left blinded, money less, or defenseless against him. I am working on my plans, all the while he acts like nothing is going on and everything is back to normal.


Relationship Issues

Yes, I know now he is a liar and a cheater. Through the years I never had any suspicious feelings of him doing this. But it happened and now I have this  BIG MESS .

I am being wise about my moves and I am watching everything he does.

Yes, I know this whole thing is not right, but for my situation I realize that I have to plan things out. I keep my mind strong


So what can you do if you suspect something is going on

or if you know you have a cheating spouse?  


  #cheater, #Liar #husbandischeating #spouseischeating #howtocatchacheater    Become a private detective yourself and get the evidence (information, details) you need…do what others are doing and use a GPS tracking device. It is great for discovering evidence and to know when your spouse is lying about their whereabouts.  I have been using it and it works great. Check it out – click here to  see this GPS TrackerYou really need to try it out, it was a life saver to me.


Do I work on my marriage? Do I stay or do I start divorce procedures?  I am still searching for answers myself….I will let you know.

Talk again later



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