Cheating Spouse

Recently I figured out that  I definitely could verify that I have a cheating spouse and he has been lying to me…BIG time!

After spending years with the same person, you should know their patterns – right? Well, where I failed was believing everything he said was the truth. Now I am discovering so many lies that continually tells me.

Cheating Spouse

 In the last few months I have noticed many changes about him. Although he is doing a really good job at covering things up, I have been paying  more attention to what he tells me and deciphering if he is telling the truth or lying.

So now I have a mess to deal with….Stay in this marriage and try to fix things, or after 25 years of marriage – kick him out and start my life over.

I realized that through the hurt, this situation is not going to break me, I will NOT allow him to tear me down, or put the blame on me.Cheating Husband, Cheating Spouse Relationships

Realistically I had to move forward, change my “life” plans, do what is best for me and enjoy the rest of my life.

I want to share with you the steps that I used to verify my suspicions on my cheating spouse.

I want to help anyone who finds themselves in a similar situations AND who definitely is seeking answers about what is going on with their spouse.


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Trust In A Relationship

While you work through your pain, and hurt, remember to be kind to yourself:

Just to say, I will be doing this FOR ME, and NOT for him.

I will continue to write about my feelings and what is happening. Just knowing that the decisions I make will be for me.  How did I discover my husband is cheating on me?….

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