Finding Yourself Again

“At times your life will have the black clouds, lightening and thunderstorms – yet it will open the skies to a brighter tomorrow”   a.w.



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Why am I doing this:

After stumbling through most days, and having no firm plans for my future years, I had a serious talk with myself. I came to the determination that it was time for me to make some serious changes in my life, and I had to do some major changes for me and not for anyone else. 

I realized that not only did I want to get healthy, lose weight and be in control of my overall health, I also decided to make my brain stronger, AND especially plan out my future, to achieve the success that I truly wanted.

I have always kept myself fit and healthy, I was always there for my husband, our family and our home. But after I found out that my husband (of over 20 years) was having an affair, cheating on me, and completely lying about the whole thing. I decided that I had to look out for me.


I realized that no one else would do it for me, so I had to doFinding Yourself, What Is Subliminal Messages it for myself. I started by outlining my plan of where the rest of my life was headed and most importantly where I wanted to be. 

So this site is all about “taking care of yourself”,  getting healthy, living right, building your mentality and finding success and happiness in life.

Doing it for yourself and not someone else!

 If you are looking for a way to make some changes in your life, then you have come to the right place.

The topics that you will find, include:

  • getting healthy
  • lose weight, get in the best shape you can
  • get your head in the right mind frame
  • make positive changes
  • build your life for you
  • find success in your personal, business life 


  To make the changes in your life, I highly suggest that you look at the sources that I have made available throughout this site. (Take a look at the subliminal messages).

Come back and visit often or even better, bookmark this site because I will constantly be updating and adding information.

Enjoy your life, I truly hope you make your own personal changes and you are finding yourself for a better life, a better you!


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