How To Save Your Marriage


Would you like to know how to save your marriage?  Each year in America alone, millions of couples are hit with a reality check that their marriage is in trouble. With marriage issues, the majority of marriages will end up in an unnecessary separation or divorce. The whole issue of divorce and relationship problems is a bumpy road in life that most couples are traveling down, without having the proper “know how” or steps of fixing a marriage.


How To Save Your Marriage

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Life happens and it also involves marriage struggles. Simply put, people do not know how to work out their issues properly, sending their marriage spiraling downward and they see no other solution but to end up in divorce court.


Marriage Troubles…  Broken Marriage… Restoring Marriage…Where do you find answers?



Statistics have shown that the majority of couples want to save their marriage but they are hit with  too many hard roadblocks such as:

  • Family issues, Health issues
  • Fights, arguments
  • Money issues
  • Communication issues
  • Counseling is too expensive
  • Counseling is not working
  • Infidelity,  Cheating
  • Lying
  • The love is gone


You can start right now by following these 4 basic steps. These steps are not easy….working on saving your marriage could be hard depending on your circumstances, but I will give you a source that can make things a lot easier for you. – so you must keep reading!


How to Save a Marriage:                        

     1) Eliminate the blame game. Stop blaming your spouse and stop blaming yourself. This is the first step because marriages get frozen into a pattern of blame that immobilizes any chance of progress. 

Try to find any positive thoughts, memories, actions that can enlighten the situation, that can change moods and stop negative thoughts.

 How To Save My Marriage, Marriage, Relationship #marriage #divorce #howtostopdivorce

     2) Take responsibility. Decide you can do something. Change always begins with one person who wants to see a change. Understand that taking responsibility is not the same as taking the blame (see above).

 Figure out what buttons need to be pushed and what buttons do not need to be pushed. Start pushing the right buttons, take positive action to get your marriage back on track.

The difference between blame and responsibility is this: if you are in a burning building, you can stand around trying to figure out how the blaze started, or you can get yourself and anyone else out of that building (taking responsibility).

When a marriage is in trouble, the house is on fire….distinguish the blame around you and take responsibility for what you can, and move on to rebuild that house. (you can actually make that house/marriage stronger, healthier and beautiful if you have the right tools….keep reading)

 Relationship Goals:

3) Get help as soon as you can!   Don’t assume that your situation is different from every other situation. Where do you turn for help? The statistic has shown that counseling is only about 20% effective. Opening up your lives to a complete stranger is not only difficult, but the added expense and time just puts more strain on the whole marriage.  For the vast majority of couples and families, counseling just does not work out for them.


4) Take action. More damage is done by doing nothing. It is too easy to put the blame on others, too easy to stop communicating, too easy to stop functioning as a couple, too easy to let divorce attorneys handle things.

cheating husband, cheating spouse, relationship problems #howtosavemymarriage #marriagecounselingRehashing the problem, or just covering up the problem will only lead to further distance between partners.  Take action to determine what is going on in your relationship and know how to overcome any damage to your marriage.

95% of Marriages and Relationships are worth saving.


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Marriage is a commitment. You can start the process, even if your spouse is not fully into recovering the marriage at this time. Rebuilding your marriage and making it stronger is very possible.


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